Future-proof your finance team.

In just one day, uncover the secrets to success from experts in AI-powered automation, forecasting and change management. Learn about our new approach to maximising revenue and reducing risk called Financial Relationship Management.

Professor Damian Hughes, of The Barcelona Way: Unlocking the DNA of a Winning Culture, will also be speaking on managing change and driving high-performance teams. Professor Hughes is an international speaker and best-selling author.

What to Expect

Valuable Learning

We won’t have boring keynotes and panels with typical “bland“ sessions like most events. Instead, you can look forward to sessions presented by real practitioners who have done what you do and will talk about strategies that have worked for them. Picture straight to the point, crisp “Ted Talks” by finance leaders for finance leaders.

Key Connections

Network with your finance peers who are also working to build AI-powered solutions and bring business innovation to their organisations.

Unique Experience

Rimilia Insight 2019 is a combination of focused work and play that will provide valuable business insights and connections at a unique venue - St. George’s Park.

6 Reasons to Attend

  1. Sift through the jargon to unearth the real value of AI technology for your business.

  2. Uncover new strategies from finance leaders via short, impactful “Ted Talks.”

  3. Get a first look at Rimilia’s game-changing Finance Relationship Management (FRM) approach – a ground-breaking way to optimise revenue potential across the entire customer lifecycle.

  4. Gain insight from top-level AI-powered forecasting and change-management experts, including Professor Damian Hughes, author of The Barcelona Way: Unlocking the DNA of a Winning Culture. And get your copy of his book!

  5. Impact our product roadmap. Your voice is vital to the future and your success is our success.

  6. Experience St. George’s Park, an environment supporting high-powered teams and cultures.

Kevin Kimber

We’re excited to bring you Rimilia Insight 2019, our inaugural event that brings together customers and other finance leaders who understand the power of technology and want to learn and network.

We look forward to hosting this event that will showcase finance experts who can help you revolutionise your finance department, better manage your customer relationships and grow your business.

I hope you can join us!

2019 Speakers

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The Venue

St. George’s Park

Built in 2012, this £105m facility,
set in 330-acres of Staffordshire countryside,
is the home to England’s 28 national teams.